Friday, February 27, 2009

when I try to write english...

Salam sumenye..
For this time, i will try to write this blog in fully-english..(wats that mean?)..hehe (juz take your dictionary n find wat it means k..
So now,let's start all this with my true experience in Egypt..
There's 2 things i want u all to know..:
da 1st one is -difficult life..n for example,cannot settle your personal matter juz in time ( absolutely my visa..!!)why r u so late mama!! (that's refer to the woman who will take care of my visa )..
next one..of course a beautiful part..huhu.believe it or not?come n runs your live here..haha!
p/s : sorry,maybe this is juz a broken,low english writing but..(practice makes perfect right?)
- nk dkt sejam susun ayat..fuhh..susahnyee :)

yang sincere ( tol ke? )